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By PEN/Robert W. Bingham award-winning writer Michael X. Wang, a grand and unflinching debut novel set against the backdrop of Mao’s Long March and its aftermath

"In the best traditions of historical fiction, Michael X. Wang reimagines the Long March, a foundational epic of communist China, on an intimately human scale. His vivid rendering of the young men and women of Mao’s army reminds me of Ha Jin."

—Peter Ho Davies, award-winning author of The Fortunes and A Lie Someone Told You About Yourself

"Michael X. Wang's Lost in the Long March is a gripping examination of a pivotal chapter of Chinese history. Intimate yet sweeping, it's poignantly told through the fate of one family in the decades that follow. A stellar debut."

—Vanessa Hua, bestselling author of A River of Stars and Forbidden City

"Set against the unforgiving backdrop of the Chinese Civil War, Michael X. Wang’s Lost in the Long March is an enthralling generational epic about the high cost of love in times of war. Heartbreaking and unforgettable."

—Andrew Bourelle, author of 48 Hours to Kill and Heavy Metal

"Spanning decades, Lost in the Long March is a vivid portrait of a family broken by wars, politics, and China’s conflicted history. A compelling story of courage and fortitude, loss and survival."

—Kristina Gorcheva-Newberry, author of The Orchard

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